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*July 2021

Mask: Yes Please. Reasoning: Indoor and close proximity during treatment, especially face up on table during massage to your neck and upper back. I am not passed my 2 week time frame for my 2nd vaccination. This will be re-evaluated in August.

Travel: According to BC Restart Plan – Phase 3 I am comfortable with Canadian work and recreation travel.

Although most of you have expressed local travel this summer please connect with me about out of province travel or visitors. Should you choose to travel, I am happy for you, I feel comfortable seeing you. PLEASE let me in on your travel plans, I’d like to follow up with a few health related questions. Please book to save an appointment if you see one, we can easily text/email/chat about what I need to ask.

We are still meeting out at the front doors or in hallway by mailboxes should it not be ideal weather for your appointment.

Please cancel your appointment should you or anyone in your home be ill, as well as visitors.

*information on request for treatments – Jan 2021

Over the last 3-4 months I am overwhelmed daily with requests for treatment from new and existing clients. It is taking me multiple days to return emails and texts, but I will do my best to get back to you. At this time I will not be taking on any more new clients. I apologize if someone has referred you to me, but they may have not know the changes in my availability.

My hours have become limited and will no longer be working late evenings and weekends. There are many of you I miss seeing because of this change and please know I greatly appreciate you and the visits we had. Hoping you joy and happiness for 2021

Jan 2021

My schedule is rotating on a monthly basis and is available online every 3rd monday of the month. Example: Mon, Jan 18 @ 9:30 am – schedule will be available for February. 

Treatment days and hours change as the needs of the month require – January Office Hours 11:00-5:30 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri.

As of February 1, 2021 my fees will increase by $5.00 per Massage Therapy Treatment. – New Patient or 1 Hour will be $115.00

Any new request are responded to as my schedule allows. At this time I may not have availability for the month and do not book in future months if my schedule online is not available.

***Masks must be worn throughout building in hallways & duration of treatment***

All covid-19 policies remain in place. Self screening should be done before you come in and available here –> Thrive BC Self Screening

Aug 4, 2020 UPDATE


Treatment Hours


11:00am – last treatment at 4:00 or 4:15 or 4:30

You should be able to access your account online to book hour appointments.

Please use the wait list like before to add your name if you do not see any availability for the day or week you would like to come in.

After booking any appointment with me, you should receive an email confirmation, please ensure you receive this and if you haven’t, a reminder to check your junk/spam folder.

Reminders for appointment are setting you can control, if you need help just ask me. Please ensure you add a text or email to help you remember your appointment.

All pandemic precautions and procedures remain in place regarding follow up appointments.

Bringing a mask.

In the last 14 days you have NOT:

Been ill or been around someone that has been ill

Traveled out side of BC or been around someone that has travelled outside of BC*

***This INCLUDES travel within BC airports to other BC towns, ex: Vic to Vancouver

Please do a self assessment 24 hours prior to your appointment – this assessment is short, online and available at


Fee changes will be occurring for September 1, 2020, as well as treatment appointments time length. This will be a separate update.


If this is your first time coming back to your massage after March 14,2020, or since Covid19 please read the information below.

Here are the important facts that you will need to know:

To make an appointment:

You can use online booking at

Text me at 250-516-6016

e-mail me at

When you send me a message please include:

  • your first and last name
  • your best days for massage and time frames that would be ideal.
  • I’ll be working MON TUE THUR FRI – 11:00am -5:00pm

Before you arrive:

Please do a self assessment, this is required 24 hours prior to your appointment – this assessment is short, online and available at

MASK – Please bring one with you

  • I am comfortable with you not wearing your mask upon entry into the building, while we chat in the treatment room and when you are facedown
  • When you turn over onto your back I will ask that you to wear your mask before turning over. If wearing a mask is a concern let’s connect before come in.

When you arrive:

  • I will meet you at the glass office doors between Drumroasters Coffee and IDA Pharmacy  – they will be locked 
  • text me when you arrive – My cell number is listed on a poster on the front doors. With additional cleaning procedures between clients I plan to meet you right at the time of your appointment. Please allow at least 15 minutes to your 1st appointment back in your schedule. I may not be able to come and get you early if you arrive early, so please keep social distancing in mind.
  • washrooms are accessible – you will have access to washrooms and to be clear it is not my responsibility to clean and maintain sanitary requirements of the public washrooms – Ladies be reminded that social distancing in the ladies washroom is difficult, please keep yourself and other in mind.
  • assessment and signature on updated consent form will be needed before treatment
  • ZERO TOLERANCE IF YOU ARE ILL OR UNWELL – even if your on the fence of being ill, or maybe not sure, let’s make sure we don’t share germs between the two of us and our community. I will be understanding and please know the more time you give me the better chance I can get someone else in to fill your space.
  • Before your appointment you need be honest that in the last 14 days you have NOT:
  • been ill or been around someone that has been ill.
  • traveled out side of BC or been around someone that has travelled outside of BC prior This INCLUDES travel within BC airports to other BC towns, ex: Vic to Vancouver
  • Contactless payment – if you can please choose to e-transfer and/or increase your tap limit on debit card or credit card, direct billing is still okay for Blue Cross

E Transfer information

    • Alicia Doll
    • 250-516-6016
    • Automatic deposit – no password needed.

I know these times are different for almost everything including how we move forward with Massage Therapy, but Im sure with kindness and patience we will get through this together.

Take care,



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“The reason I see her is because I feel not only physically rejuvenated, but mentally too ”

Jill Gruen • Young Living Oiler & RBC Mortgage / Insurance

“I’ve just honestly never had a Massage Therapist like you. Your style is slower, with a lot of moving my body and stretches as you treat. I like that.”

Kelly Barbash • Woodsman

“She has a good connection to the body. She is an excellent and experienced Massage Therapist.”

Jay Morris • Engineer