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For the month of April I will not be able to accommodate New Patient request.

Check out Alyssa Madill, RMT at

Alyssa is available to see my existing patients if needed and taking on new patients. Click here to use her online booking platform to look at her schedule. We share the same office space in Valleyview Center. 

1 Hour

$11500 - effective July 1st $120

50 Min Appointments


40 Min Appointments

$9400 - effective July 1st $98

*All pricing includes tax


  • 11 – 5 pm


  • 11 – 5 pm


  • 11 – 5 pm

On the 3rd Sunday of the month my schedule is released for the following month.

ex: On the 3rd Sunday of January you will be able to book for February.

Personal Note: I prefer this method of scheduling because it keeps appointment times open for people in future and leave me with some spontaneity.

FYI: There is a limit to 2 treatments per person that can be booked at once online.

Scheduling Hint – Use the waitlist!

There is an option on with my online scheduler to add your name to the waitlist. If you don’t see a time available please add yourself because often I can make a couple things work that the online system can’t. This isn’t always the case, but I always try to accomodate.

Most Common Questions

At this time the only insurance company I direct bill to is Blue Cross.

If you would like to me to do your direct billing, please provide your Blue Cross ID# & Policy#.

Be aware that some plans do require an annual deduction & depending on your plan you may be required to pay a portion of your visit. Please look into your plan for specific details.

You can click here and this link will take you to my online booking system.

Please know I take appointments over the phone and email as well.


  • Cash
  • Debit or e-transfer
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Cheques*

*Client will be charged NSF fees if cheque bounces.

Yes, I am Registered with the College of Massage Therapy of British Columbia.

My registration number is provided on all receipts pertaining to Massage Therapy.

  • I easily adapt between therapeutic & relaxation, as patients needs & request change.
  • Medium / fimer pressure – this is always adjustable.
  • I use a lot of stretching & movement of joints though treatment.
  • Light use of oil, plain coconut.
  • Lower Back and Leg Thai Massage – I am mid way through a Thai Massage Education Series. I am able to provide lower body & leg treatments. I will be completing the series in Vancouver in the new Year.
  • Yamuna Body Rolling influenced – I use exercise ball to stretch clients, similar to the way a foam rolled is used.

I am in my 8th year.

I graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Victoria BC, 2010.

It all began when I worked as a front desk receptionist at Back to Back Chiropractic Inc. It was during those first few years that Dave Warbeck, taught me Massage. His background was elaborate with athletes and he was always showing me really unusual things that happened to his athletes. I was inspired ability to work with people, he was an excellent mentor.

Moving away from administration work, I was asked to work as a Chiropractic Assitant for Dr. Julia Martorana. I preformed basic massage techniques before or after adjustments. This was when I really started to get my head around on the benefits of what natural health care looked like and what preventive medicine really meant. The experience changed my beliefs about health care and ultimately how I view taking care of my clients.

After some contemplation I decided to attend the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria, graduating in 2010, and becoming Registered by Spring 2011.

Alicia Doll

RMT for individuals seeking a balance between therapeutic & relaxation techniques.

  • Registered with BC College of Massage Therapy – 2011
  • Wellness clinic & spa experience since 2004
  • Born on Vancouver Island, raised in Cowichan Valley
  • Massage travel experience in Australia
  • Built a Mobile Massage business in Kelowna, BC
  • Recently relocated Vancouver Island
  • Currently living by Gorge Waterway, Victoria